Mark Lipsky is the owner of the San Diego based aerial photography company, Flying Eye Photo. Mark designed and fabricated the system he uses to take the aerial photographs. He is also your photographer and pilot.

His background includes more than 13 years of industrial photographic services and twenty five years of experience with model aircraft. Mark holds a private pilot’s license as well.

Mark studied engineering at Harvey Mudd College and Cornell University and received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University in 1982. He worked in the aerospace industry for 4 years and spent another 4 years designing medical test and manufacturing equipment.

In 1993 Mark started Effective Engineering. His company provided consulting, design and fabrication services to the entertainment industry including theme parks like Seaworld, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Busch Gardens.

This diverse background has allowed Mark to create a truly unique approach to aerial photography. Unlike traditional aerial services, Flying Eye Photo is able to provide spectacular images at an exceptional value. With instant on-site prints and "live" in-flight video previews of the images, Flying Eye Photo leads a new era in aerial photography.